For foreign residents in Japan

At Nagano International Culture College, you can learn Japanese language at the most suitable level from beginner to higher levels.

Auditing Student

For your more fruitful living experience for foreign people living in Japan, such foreign residents can take Japanese language classes just like those foreign students who came to Japan to study Japanese.
The admission fee has been exempted since October, 2011.

Requirements for admission

  1. Must be currently living in Japan and have valid residential status.
  2. Must have a strong will to study hard.

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  1. Application Form (Our school format with a head-shot photo of applicant)
  2. Photocopy of passport
  3. Photocopy of Alien Registration Card(Residence Card) or Certification of Registered Matters( Resident’s certificate)


Entry time usually starts only in April and October. If you can pass the level examination of the school, you can be admitted to the school at any time.


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