Entering Higher Educational Institutions

Hundred percent of our students pass entrance examinations to universities or vocational schools of their choices.
Our school has a number of allocations for admission based on recommendation from higher education institutions, which paves the way to students for entering higher education schools.

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This is the list of universities and institutions in which our students were admitted to enroll.

Graduate schools

Kyoto University Tohoku University Shinshu University Shiga University Gunma University
Kagoshima University Aichi Gakuin University Otani University etc.


National and Public Schools Aichi University of Education Kitami Institute of Technology Shizuoka University University of Shizuoka
Shinshu University Takasaki University of Commerce Toyohashi University of Technology University of Toyama
Nagoya Institute of Technology Nagoya City University University of Fukui Mie University

Private Schools Aichi University Aichi Gakusen University Aichi Shukutoku University Aoyama Gaukin University
Asahi University Osaka University of Economics Osaka Sangyo University Ohka Gakuen University
J.F. Oberlin University Gakushuin University Kanagawa University Kansai Gakuin University
Kyoto Koka Women’s University The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics Kyoai Gakuen College Kokushikan University
International Christian University Saku University Sakushin Gakuin University Sanyo Gakuen University
Shizuoka Sangyo University Shobi University Jobu University Tokyo University of Science Suwa
Suzuka International University Seijoh University Takaoka University of Law Takushoku University
Chuogakuin University Chukyo University Chubu University Chiba University of Commerce
Teikyo University Tokyo International University Toyo University Nagano University
Nagoya Gakuin University Nagoya Sangyo University Nihon University Nihon Fukushi University,
Nigata Sangyo University Bunkyo University Matsumoto University Meio University
Meikai University Meijyo University Yamanashi Gakuin University Yamanashi Eiwa College
Yokkaichi University Ryutsu Keizai University Ryukoku University Ritsumeikan University

Junior Colleges

Yamanashi Eiwa College Soka Women's College Tokushima College of Technology Hakuho Woman’s College
Yamano College of Aesthetics Tokyo Management College Shinshu Honan Junior College Matsumoto Junior College
Matsumoto Junior College Utsunomiya Bunsei Junior College Nakanihon Automotive College etc.

Vocational schools

Business International Computer Business College Marunouchi College of Business Kanagawa College of Economics
Hana College of Business Iwatani College of Business etc.

IT relations Tokyo Communication Art College Tokyo multimedia College
Japan Kokusai IT College 21 Renaissance

Information technology SE-Gakuen (Epson Information Science College) Fuji Information Business College TBC Gakuin
Chuo Computer and Business College Kyoto Computer Gakuin etc.

Technology International Technical Design Nihon Riko-Jyoho Institute of Science and Engineering Tokyo National College of Technology

Tourism and Sightseeing JTB travel and hotel college Tokyo Institute of tourism
Sundai Kanko and Gaigo Tokyo YMC College of Hotel management
Kokusai Travel and Hotel School etc.

Nursing and Medical care Matsumoto National Hospital Nursing School Komoro Nursing School
Suwa-chuo Hospital Nursing School Matsumoto Medic Nursing School
Shinshu Rehabilitation College etc.

Foreign Languages Green Foreign Language College Gregg International College EHLE Gakuen
Kyoto Career College of Foreign Language Sundai College of Business and Foreign Language etc.

Culinary school Tokyo Tama Technical College for Cooking etc.

Fashion Bunka fashion College Tokyo Mode Gakuen
Nagoya Mode Gakuen Yokohama Design College

Music Tokyo School of Music Nagoya Communication Arts



Seijho University Daiichi Institute of Technology Chuo Gakuin University Niigata Sangyo University
Yamanashi Eiwa college Yamanashi Gakuin University Yokkaichi University etc.

Junior college

Nakanihon Automotive College etc.

Vocational school

Kawaijuku Trident College Kokusai Technical Design Nihon Kokusai IT College
Yomiuri College of Car Mechanic Nagano Language College Nihon Kokugakuin
Yokohama System Kogakuin Yomiuri Institute of Technology 21 Renaissance


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