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Qualification for enrollment

  1. Applicants must have completed 12-year basic education or equivalent education in their home countries.
  2. Applicants must have more than 150 hours of Japanese language education history and have N5 or equivalent Japanese proficiency.
  3. Applicants must apply for admission within 5 years from the last attended school in principle. Admission of those who do not meet such criteria will be considered based on the applicants' reason(s) for application and educational/vocational background.
  4. Applicants must be able to pay tuitions and living expenses in Japan.
  5. Applicants must have a clear goal for future and be passionate about study.

To apply: Please contact Nagano International Culture College or an institutions for study abroad in Japan.

Interview and Tests: Japanese language, general knowledge, essay and basic academic skills. An interview will be conducted after the above mentioned tests. Admission will be judged based on the total score.
Exams and interviews will be conducted in the home country of the applicants. Our school will contact applicants to inform the schedule of the tests and interview.

Documentary examination: Please submit necessary documents to Nagano International Culture College or an institution for study abroad in Japan that we designate.

*Please submit them in timely manner because it takes long to prepare documents required by the Immigration Bureau.

Application for the Immigration Bureau: The timing to submit applications is as following. The detail schedule will be announced to you from us.
This information is also available in “Topics” section in our homepage.
Timing of application
April students: November of the previous year,
July students: end of March of the same year
October students: end of May of the same year

Announcement of result: The Immigration Bureau will issue a “Certificate of Eligibility” in the following schedule.
Our school will inform you the results of examination on the same day.
Timing of issuance:
April students: End of February of the same year
July students: middle of May of the same year
October students: end of August of the same year

Payment of Tuition: After receipt of the “Certificate of Eligibility”, please pay the tuition for the first term to our designated bank account or pay directly at our school.
After confirming the payment, we will deliver the “Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status” to you.

Acquisition of Visa and Entry to Japan: Please apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy in your home country.
If you are coming to Japan on the day our school designates, we will pick you up at the airport. (Travel fee will apply.)

School entrance: A very exciting life in Japan starts from here.


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